Osteoporosis is a bone disease where an individual has a below normal bone mass combined with a gradual deterioration of the bone structure. This leads to a weakness in the skeletal system of the individual; most often it is in the hips, spine, and wrists. Osteoporosis is the worst in the hips and spine, where fractures of the bone are more serious. A hip fracture of the hip bone requires immediate hospitalization as it can paralyze the individual as well as cause internal organ damage. A spine fracture can be even more serious as it can lead to nerve damage or it could be fatal.

Osteoporosis affects over half of all Americans over the age of 50; however, women seem to be its main target. It is possible for it to affect people of any age.

This is very difficult to detect on its own, as bones slowly lose their mineral content and become brittle and weak. The bones can become so weak that even a gentle bump could cause a bone to break and unfortunately, until then, there is no way to detect it properly. In the case of a weakened spinal vertebra, osteoporosis can be felt as back pain, lessened height, or changes in the curvature of the spine. The only way to properly diagnose osteoporosis is through a bone density test.

It is not enough to consume more calcium in order to prevent osteoporosis from occurring; it also requires other nutrients that help the body utilize and integrate calcium into the bone structure along with the activity to induce the body into using that calcium. To stop osteoporosis from ever developing, plenty of calcium and Vitamin D should be consumed, have a generally healthy lifestyle with no smoking and little to no alcohol consumption and also make sure to have weight-bearing exercises as part of your exercise routine. More information about weight-bearing exercise is here.

In many ways, treatment for individuals that already have osteoporosis is very similar to preventative medicine. The focus is on helping the bone create new bone and fill in the holes left by the deterioration. There are also some medications also focus on slowing the absorption of bone so that the creation of new bone has a chance to overtake it; however he best action that can be taken is to maintain a healthy life-style with proper diet and exercise.

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